Ant Bicycle Launches on UMASS Dartmouth

April 24, 2018




On 4/23/2018, green bicycles descended upon UMASS Dartmouth's campus. The bicycles were seen being ridden all over campus by students, teachers, and faculty alike. Passerby’s couldn't help but notice the green bikes with “Ant Bicycle” printed all over them. What exactly are these “Ant Bicycles” you say? Ant Bicycles are the next generation of short distance travel. They offer a dockless bike rental experience at an outrageously affordable price… only $1 per hour.


The Ant Bicycle Team was there on-site to help spread the good word to all who would listen. The excitement shown by students was palpable, and one by one they signed up, unlocked  their bike, and rode off to classes, dorms, cafeterias, and even nearby shops.


As a way to allow all community members to get a chance to try a ride on these bikes, Ant Bicycle is offering a 1 month free worth of rides to all UMASS Dartmouth members. By simply sending the code “UMD423” to, users can immediately become a monthly member. That's right, unlimited bike rides for an ENTIRE MONTH!


So why do dockless bikes work so well for school campuses, exactly!? Students can sometime feel short on transportation options on a big campus like UMASS Dartmouth. Firstly, not every student has a car. Secondly, the distance between each building on campus is not short, but not long, its somewhere right in the middle. Perfect for biking.


If that doesn't convince you, here are 5 more reasons why riding bikes is the best way to get around on campus.


1. Perfect for short distance travel; Cut across campus in no time

2. Good exercise

3. Freedom to go where ever your legs can take you

4. Save on parking

5. Bikes are cool

























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