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Ant Bicycle is a high-tech dockless bicycle share system based in Cambridge MA, which provides a key transportation alternative to solve first/last mile commute. As the only local dockless bike share originated from Massachusetts, Ant Bicycle has been covered by some of the major media channels.
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LYNN — One year ago, the only bicycles on the city’s streets were privately-owned. 

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Boston is mounting a counterattack against a new threat breaching its borders: an invasion coming on two wheels.

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SWAMPSCOTT — You’ve probably seen them; green and yellow bikes are all over the area...


Ant Bicycle’s signature green bikes were on display at Wellesley Square’s July Jubilation, and a look at the Ant app shows a handful of the borrowable vehicles scattered around Wellesley.

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A new partnership with Ant Bicycle, a high-tech dockless bicycle-share system...

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