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E-Assist Ant Bicycle


Traditional bikes are not fun enough. Let's make it feel like a motorbike. So here we are, introducing the Ant Bicycle 2.0, and Ant Scooter.

Accessible, Affordable, Fun & Smart.

Electric Power Assistant Wheel

We are solving problems with technology.

Bike-sharing is a good concept, adding in the electronic element in it made the idea more profound. More importantly, we hope to bring a better user experience to any Ant Bicycle users. Cycling can be "Smart" and "Fun".


Our E-assist bike share program will encourage more people to join our bike-share program because it makes pedaling around town on two wheels easier, faster, cool, and fun. 

Ant Bicycle 2.0, beyond the mediocre E-bikes


Aluminum-magnesium alloy motor housing enables lightweight wheel and high abrasion resistance.

Electronic assist makes pedaling effortlessly. Uphill, traffic jam, long distance, E-assist makes cycling easy and fun in all kind of circumstances.


Run out of battery?

No problem! 

Pedaling without the electronic assistance is perfectly fine.

The electronic wheels of Ant Bicycle 2.0 is built on top of our traditional bikes without additional resistance and with low additional weight. 

In another words, you won't feel extra tired if pedaling the e-bike without turning on the electronic assistance mode.

Running out of battery

will not be

a problem anymore

Let's have a quick look

of our electronic Scooter

The Perk

Maximum 214,000 of convertible promissory notes  ($1,070,000)

Minimum 10,000 of convertible promissory notes ($50,000) 


Note converts to equity when the company raises $7M, including any previously raised convertible notes and debts.

Maturity Date: July 17, 2023

5% yearly interest rate


Description of Business
Ant Bicycle Inc. provides transportation solutions with the help of robotic, AI technology, and electronic technology. We also provide bike-sharing services operate by the systematic data management system.


Type of Security Offered
Convertible Promissory Notes


Purchase Price of Security Offered: $ 5


Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $300




Perks are available through July 17, 2019.


Invest $1,000 and receive $100 in additional notes and a 5% discount on purchases.

Invest $2,500 and receive $250 in additional notes and a 7% discount on purchases.

Invest $5,000 and receive $500 in additional notes and a 10% discount on purchases.

Invest $10,000 and receive $1,250 in additional notes and a 15% discount on purchases.

Invest $50,000 and receive $7,000 in additional notes and an 18% discount on purchases.

You will need to sent an email to to prove your investment.



*In the event of any conflict between the information in this page and the Startengine's Ant Bicycle page, the Startengine's Ant Bicycle page shall prevail. 

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