Work With Cities

Inspiring healthier community is deeply rooted in our mission. Ant Bicycle work closely with cities to promote an efficient commuting solutions with our customized deploying strategy.  We maximize the benefits of our bike-share based on the usage in the specific location and make adjustments 24/7. 


1. Contact us to initiate a RFP

2. Review our customized proposal

3. Schedule an on-site demo

4. Sign the document

5. Official Launch


No Fund Required

We cover 100% of the cost of bikes, marketing, operation & maintenance cost.

Customized Deployment

We analyze the traffic 24/7 with our AI system & deploy our bikes in the most efficient way.

Lower Carbon Emission

Bike-share lowers the carbon emission effectively, together we can make the community more sustainable.

Reduce traffic pressure

Bike-share reduces traffic congestion during rush hours and increases the diversity of commuting methods.

For Riders

Work With Us

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