Regional Franchise

At Ant Bicycle, we keep our fleets within reach to guarantee the quality of service & stay organized. Instead of flooding the market with homeless bikes, we expand progressively. We are currently seeking for responsible individuals/teams to take our fleets to new markets.


1. Contact us to submit the application

    (Only applicants passed our screening will be qualified)

2. Provides the details of the market

3. Select deployment plan (#fleets & combinations)

4. Run a market demo

5. Sign the MOU

6. Official Launch

What's Covered?

Our Infrastructure

We provide franchisee with our developed infrastructure including our app, database & management dashboard 

Our Brand

You are part of our team once you become our franchisee. Take the advantage of Ant Bicycle's market exposure & branding.

Customized Deployment

We analyze the traffic based on the provided info to deliver an initial RFP, the deployment plan may be adjusted on-demand.

Our Partner Networks

Franchisee gets the access to our existing partner network including cities, properties, corporations & campuses.

What To Bring?

Build Your Team

Build your own team to run the business! A detailed manual of how to build a team & secrets of operation will be given upon signing the MOU.

Develop Your PR

Due to the regulations of smart mobility industry, you must gain the permission from gov't to run the business, you may also develop partnerships with other parties such as properties.

Acquire Your Bikes

Customize the fleet strategy based on your market needs. The bikes will stay as capital assets of your own.

Management Cut

We build the platform, you pay a management cut. We will negotiate a proper management fee to keep our bike running.

For Riders

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