Ant Scooter
Bike Features
  • Max Range: 30 miles 

  • Max Speed: 15 mph

  • Smart lock: Integrated with Dynamos & Power-assisted Motor 

  • GPS remote lock, no stolen bikes anymore

  • In-app real-time battery/remaining distance monitoring

  • Double brake system:

    • electric brake

    • disc brake

Charging Solution

Unlike other scooters that requires customers to take scooters back home, Ant Scooter operates on a new level: We combine the benefits of traditional bike-share & the flexibility of dockless business model. Customers can either park in our charging dock or any legal parking spot of their choice, the former will receive bonus credits for their contribution. We believe this model creates a win-win situation for both parties. 

Ready? Read this before you go!
  1. You MUST be 18+ to ride scooters.​

  2. You are not an iron man, wear a helmet while riding.

  3. Bring your driver license while riding, or contact your local DOT to for regulatory requirements. 

  4. Be polite, park responsibly, don't block the road.

  5. You may be an explorer, but Ant Scooter is not, so be gentle, mind the rocks.

  6. Follow the traffic rules.

Some Questions You Might Have

Q1: How much does it cost?            A: $1 start fee + $0.15/min 

Q2: Is there any membership?        A: No, due to the cost of scooters, membership is not available for scooters.

Q2: Do I need a license?                  A: Please bring your driver license just in case.

Q3: How fast can I go?                     A: 15 mph max under regulations.

Q4: Where should I park?                A: Either our charging dock or any legal

                                                                parking spot, just don't block the road please. 

Q5: Is it waterproof?                        A: It withstands rains & snow, but don't dump it into water.  (We haven't taught it how to swim)

Q6: Can I ride it to the highway?   A: Please stay on the bike lane, it's not a Ferrari.

Q7: What if someone steal it?        A: We'll lock it remotely, so it doesn't worth trying.

Q8: I'm still confused...                   A: Contact us! Our team is always here for you!

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