Ant E-Assist Bike

Our E-assist bike share program will encourage more people to join our bike-share program because it makes pedaling around town on two wheels easier, faster, cool, and fun. 

Technology Insights
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy motor housing enables lightweight wheel and high abrasion resistance.

  • Electronic assist makes pedaling effortlessly. Uphill, traffic jam, long distance, E-assist makes cycling easy and fun in all kind of circumstances.

  • Real-time speed monitoring & Smart Lock integrated, the speed will be automatically adjusted while riding to ensure riding safety.

  • 30 miles max range without user paddling, our e-bike allows users to go farther, easier.

  • 15 mph max speed to optimize both safeness and efficiency.

  • Airless tire to eliminate flat tires.

Ready? Read this before you go!
  1. You MUST be 18+ to ride e-assist bikes.​

  2. You are not an iron man, so wear a helmet while riding.

  3. Be polite, park responsibly, don't block the road.

  4. You may be an explorer, but Ant E-Bike is not, so be gentle, mind the rocks.

  5. Follow the traffic rules.

Some Questions You Might Have

Q1: How much does it cost?            A: $1 start fee + $0.15/min 

Q2: Is there any membership?        A: No, due to the cost of operations, membership is not available for scooters.

Q2: Do I need a license?                  A: No, there's no license allowed.

Q3: How fast can I go?                     A: 15 mph max under regulations.

Q4: Where should I park?                A: Either our charging dock or any legal parking spot, just don't block the road please. 

Q5: Is it waterproof?                        A: It withstands rains & snow, but don't dump it into water.  (We haven't taught it how to swim)

Q6: Can I ride it to the highway?   A: Please stay on the bike lane, it's not a Ferrari.

Q8: I'm still confused...                   A: Contact us! Our team is always here for you!

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