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Ant Bicycle is an innovative smart mobility company based in Cambridge, MA. We are devoted to providing commuting alternative solutions in urban areas with our dockless bikes, scooter & e-assist bikes. We are dedicated to bring healthier alternatives to automobiles and reduce carbon emissions.


Users can easily find an available bicycle nearby using the smartphone app. Users can unlock the bicycle by scanning the QR code on the bicycle. To return the bicycle, users manually lock the bicycle, and the smartphone app will automatically calculate a bill.


Our solution solves many difficulties faced by urban commuting, such as traffic jams, parking difficulties, and the speed & reach the limit of walking. Our vision is to expand our system from the greater Boston area in Massachusetts to every corner of the world, providing innovative solutions in short-distance transportation. Even more, we want to devote our effort on environmental protection by making cycling the easiest way to get around.


Ant Bicycle works closely with cities/towns, university campuses, residences/companies, and other private properties to promote our revolutionary commuting solutions. Currently, we actively covers 7 cities, 3 residential properties, and multiple university campuses around New England. By strictly controlling our presence, we keep our business running on a well-organized manner.

Our Path

March 2017 - Our Humble Beginnings:​​

A group of innovators and entrepreneurs collectively decided to invest in and focus their efforts on developing dockless bike-share system for North America.​ We successfully partnered with manufacturers to design a smart bicycle and lock system.

June 2017 Android and iOS App Released:

Both Android and iOS apps were developed and released for users to download. 

2018 and beyond...:

Ant Bicycle will begin deploying bicycles across the state of Massachusetts, and soon... the world!

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Phone: 617-819-5988

Email: service@antbicycle.com

Address: 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA, 02142